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3D Cooking

3D Cooking

Provide delicious dishes without keeping your guests waiting. Beko’s advanced cooking system allows you to cook three different dishes at the same time without any odour mixing problems.


SoftClose® Door

It’s early morning and the whole house is sleeping. You’re feeling generous and want to cook up a legendary breakfast for the home crowd. Boy, are you thankful for the newly designed Beko SoftClose® Door on your oven. Now you can work in the kitchen as quietly as a mouse. Thanks to the SoftClose® Door, your oven’s door will close quietly with grace and elegance. Let them enjoy those last minutes of sleep in peace.

Enamel Color Bilgi Black Enamel Bilgi
Main Cavity - Side Racks Bilgi 5 levels Bilgi
Energy consumption main cavity(conventional) (kWh) Bilgi 0.88 Bilgi
Energy consumption main cavity (forced air convection) (kWh) Bilgi 0.79 Bilgi
Stand-by Power Consumption (W) Bilgi 0.95 W Bilgi
# of standard tray Bilgi 1 Bilgi
# of Deep tray Bilgi 1 Bilgi
Niche Dimensions - Cabinet (WxDxH) (cm) Bilgi 56x55x59 Bilgi
Niche Dimensions - Undercounter (WxDxH) (cm) Bilgi 56x55x60 Bilgi
Main Cavity Catalytic Back Wall Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Product Type Bilgi Built In Bilgi
Main Cavity - Usable Volume (lt)- Bilgi 71 Bilgi
Noise (dB(A) re 1 pW) Bilgi 46.0 Bilgi
Fan Assisted Cooking Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Fan Heating Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Safety Chain Bilgi No Bilgi
Color of Product Bilgi Extraclear White Bilgi
Divide and Cook Bilgi No Bilgi
Number of Cavity Bilgi 1.0 Bilgi
Total Electric Power (kW) Bilgi 2.5 W Bilgi
Main Cavity - Interior Light Bilgi 1 x Round light (Rear) Bilgi
Main Cavity - Inner Light With Door Opening Bilgi No Bilgi
Main Cavity Door Lock Bilgi No Bilgi
Static function (Top Cavity) Bilgi No Bilgi
3D Cooking Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Product Cavity Type Bilgi Single Bilgi
Cooling Fan Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Energy Efficiency Class (Main Cavity) Bilgi A-20% Bilgi
Display / Timer Bilgi LED Display - Touchcontrol (B14-Good+) Bilgi
Display Lock Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Knob Type Bilgi BKP1 Bilgi
Knob Color Bilgi White with Chrome Cap Bilgi
Knob Ring Color Bilgi Chrome Bilgi
Illuminated Knob Bilgi No Bilgi
Main Cavity - Door Opening Type Bilgi drop down Bilgi
Main Cavity - No. of Front Door Glasses Bilgi 3 Bilgi
Main Cavity - Oven Type Bilgi Multifunctio-l Cooking Bilgi
Oven Control Type Bilgi Mechanical Control Bilgi
Main Cavity – 3D Cooking Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Main Cavity - Booster Bilgi No Bilgi
Main Cavity - Grill Type Bilgi Electric Grill Bilgi
Main Cavity - Steam Assisted Cooking Bilgi No Bilgi
Depth - Unpacked Bilgi 56.7 cm Bilgi
Width - Unpacked Bilgi 59.4 cm Bilgi
Height - Unpacked Bilgi 59.5 cm Bilgi
Main Cavity - Surf Bilgi No Bilgi
Main Cavity - Nano Coating on Inner Glass Bilgi No Bilgi
Platform Name Bilgi Standard Built-in Ovens (barbaros) Bilgi
Main Cavity - High Temperature Cooking Bilgi No Bilgi
Soft Close Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Meat Probe Bilgi No Bilgi
Main Cavity - Low-Fat Fryer Bilgi No Bilgi
Main Cavity - Microwave Assisted Cooking Bilgi No Bilgi
Main Cavity - Steam Cleaning Bilgi No Bilgi
Main Cavity – Yoghurt Making Bilgi No Bilgi
Main Cavity - Bread-Maker Bilgi No Bilgi