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HDCG 32221 FX

HDCG 32221 FX

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Cast iron pan supports

Official partner of… coffee lovers

Coffee lovers don’t want their precious coffee pots wobbling on the hob and spilling. Beko cast iron supports add stability to your hob and a certain style too. Extra perks for the extraordinarily hip.


Gas Safety

You’re only human. So, yes, sometimes you might get distracted by the doorbell, phone, or that must-see TV cliffhanger. But never fear. Should the wind come and blow your gas flames out, or if your pan boils over while you’re under the spell of a gripping storyline, Beko’s gas safety feature will automatically turn off your gas supply, keeping you safe. No leaks, no worries.

Ignition Type (Hob) Bilgi Integrated Ignition Bilgi
Gas Safety Device (Hob) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Coffee Pot Adapter Bilgi Chrome plated Bilgi
Product Type Bilgi Built In Bilgi
Front Zone Bilgi 1 kW Bilgi
Hob Type Bilgi Gas Bilgi
Voltage/Frequency (Oven)- Bilgi 220-240 V~;50 Hz Bilgi
Width (cm) Bilgi 30 Bilgi
Hob Color Bilgi I-x Bilgi
Control Type and Place Bilgi Front K-b Control Bilgi
Hob Burner Configuration Bilgi 2 Gas Bilgi
Pan support type Bilgi Continuous - Cast Iron Bilgi
Gas Type/Pressure (Production) Bilgi G 20-20 Mbar (natural gas) Bilgi
Width - Unpacked Bilgi 28.8 cm Bilgi
Height - Unpacked Bilgi 5.2 cm Bilgi
Weight - Unpacked Bilgi 6.2 kg Bilgi
Depth - Unpacked Bilgi 51.0 cm Bilgi